As I walk on my life’s journey I have made a commitment to learning how to Love all people without conditions. This is no easy task and I am by no means an expert on the matter; however through my experiences I have found that there are a few foundational concepts that spread across the understanding of unconditional Love.

Many times experience is our best teacher.

The 4 Truths of Unconditional Love are to be used as ways of approaching the way in which you engage in your loving of others. They are listed in order of understanding and build upon one another as you grow along.

The 4 Truths of Unconditional Love:

1.  Spirit:

The one greatest understanding that drives us to even desire to obtain or share unconditional love is our connection to other people.  This connection in much deeper than I believe most of us realize;however take a moment and think back to the last time you felt any kind of emotion. Was it connected to your interactions with another person? Here is the Truth: We are all connected to one another and our personal actions, beliefs, values, and LOVE affect those around us and all with whom we come into contact.

2.  Compassion:

“True compassion is not just an emotional response but a firm commitment founded on reason. Therefore, a truly compassionate attitude towards others does not change even if they behave negatively.”-Dalai Lama

After gaining the understanding that we are all connected, and that every other human being seeks happiness just as you do and does not wish to suffer; then we can grow compassion for one another. Compassion helps us to understand and empathize with other’s suffering, even if it is self-inflicted. Through compassionate eyes we can look out onto the world and see ourselves, we can see that others suffer and understand that they would much rather be happy because you would want to be happy. Seeking happiness is in our human nature.  This is the reasoning behind Compassion. It is a cure for settling anger, jealousy, fear and other emotions that cannot live where unconditional love resides…anti-matters. Here’s the Truth: As your compassion for others grows, you will be able to engage in a way that lays a foundation for unconditional Love.  One that is kind, caring, and understanding.

3.  Knowledge:

The truth of Knowledge is one of our protections and conductors as we approach Loving without conditions. As I have said many times before unconditional love is NOT a commitment to constant abuse. Knowing someone, or details about someone can assist us in how to facilitate the conversation between your unconditional Love and their current Self. Notice that I say here their “Current Self”, not who you see them as, not who you would like them to grow to be; but what you know about this person as they are in the moment you are loving them. Here’s the Truth: Through gaining true Knowledge of people as they are now you find the safest, most effective highway on which to drive your vehicle of unconditional Love.

4.  Acceptance:

Once you have gained knowledge of an individual, group, or your Self, digest it, define it, and then accept it. We cannot change without this step; we cannot fully Love, let alone Love Unconditionally without accepting others and ourselves as we are in this very moment. This is our starting point for ALL communication, growth, and change; because in the moment that we accept others and ourselves for who, what and where we are in our life’s journey we allow ourselves to truly understand the “how” of loving. You may have been attempting to Love someone through giving them sound advice, but after you have accepted their place in life, find that they feel your Love through your understanding ear. Here’s the Truth: Acceptance is the trail of breadcrumbs leading us in the way of unconditional Love. It will show us how to greet one another as our paths meet and just how to give your gifts meaning for another person. 

As you walk along your life’s journey and engage in Loving others without conditions, take these truths along with you. As you meet others along the way acknowledge them in Spirit, lead with Compassion, be open to gaining Knowledge of who they are and Accept them in the moments and ways in which they truly Love.

Love Always…Love Often…Love Mia